A couple’s wedding day is arguably one of the most-important days of their life, so why do so many consistently make a point of creating more opportunities for things to go wrong? With your FREE registration on My Ideal Wedding, we bring every single aspect of the event into one place in order to better coordinate and more-efficiently create a day—and subsequent memory—as beautiful as it is complex. Let My Ideal Wedding help you have fun planning your special day- your ultimate Wedding Day Planner!

Beginning with the most integral parts of wedding planning that start to get underway once the big question has been asked, we have created an all-encompassing wedding checklist that aims to take the risk, guesswork, uncertainty, and stress out of the entire ordeal. Group all of the to-do lists, invitation design, invitation distribution, budget calculations, supplier scheduling, guest lists, seating charts, food orders, reception venues, and the plethora of remaining details in one place, allowing you the energy to say “I do,” to enjoying yourself. All this while ensuring that your friends and family find similar levels of comfort as guests at your ceremony.

Are you worried about coordinating your bridesmaid dresses? Are you worried about finding a designer that will even be able to bring your extravagantly-beautiful wedding dress idea to life? Are you finally starting to realize that there might be a few more levels of dress synchronizing involved in weddings than you first imagined? My Ideal Wedding will work for you by simplifying all of the fashion-related aspects of your wedding into a more easily-manageable portion of decision making. It doesn’t just stop with wedding dresses either.

Our goal is to consolidate the effort required to plan the wedding while maximizing the potential enjoyment—through the compilation of proven, exquisite, and high-class vendors, wedding venues, wedding flowers, wedding photography, designers, and wedding entertainment. Not only are we working to provide you with a one-stop wedding shop; we are focused on delivering the highest-quality experience on every level of that experience. Extensive interaction with professionals in a variety of wedding-related fields has allowed us to assemble an all-star collection of suppliers and amenities- presented to you in a way that will exponentially simplify your wedding and the days surrounding it.

The bride and groom aren’t the only individuals concerned with their comfort and coordination, however. The guest list at most weddings is a combination of the closest friends and inseparable family, and using My Ideal Wedding as a free wedding planner is the easiest way for those important individuals to recognize that they are appreciated. By creating a wedding story and uploading it to your own personal website on My Ideal Wedding, the guests of the ceremony will have a single location online that allows them a convenient checkpoint to peak in and confirm important details (and possible gift registry suggestions). Even better, because the site allows couples to upload background information on their relationship, never again will a wedding guest ask the cliché question “how did you meet?”. Instead, one click will unravel an entire love story.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the My Ideal Wedding is the ability to sort searches by a variety of different details. Looking for formal wear within 10 kms of Melbourne or 50 kms of Sydney? Simple enough. In search of the ideal reception venue for a wedding party of 150 with an average price-per-person of $125? Just refine your search by providing additional details and you will have a personally-catered search result on the screen within seconds. Something that would have required calling every vendor in the city and comparing prices manually just a decade ago can now be completed in mere minutes from the comfort of your own home—perhaps even with your future spouse by your side.

Overall, the intertwined details of wedding planning can be enough to throw even the most-seasoned of veterans off their balanced axis. My Ideal Wedding aims to change that, though. We understand the most-complex aspects of marriage that can be overlooked by amateur crews, your perfect day can be just that—perfect. Our job (one that we take very seriously) is to foster an environment of love that reminds couples why they are taking the leap that they have committed to. Love is difficult to find and harder to build but we hope that by removing the vast majority of guesswork and research necessary, the certainty of love can grow unrestricted.

At My Ideal Wedding, we don’t claim to have perfected the wedding-planning process, but we did undeniably improve it along the way. With our new, detail-oriented search features present on our website, you can compare a variety of options all in one place before you are forced to make a decision. DJ’s, wedding photographers, photo booth options, hens night and bucks party packages, and even makeup artists are all legitimate aspects of the wedding-planning decision-making process, and our goal is to guarantee that not a single detail of that process, or your big day, is overlooked. We cover wedding venues Melbourne and across the whole of Australia.

My Ideal Weddings represents the most-complete wedding preparation tools available online today, and we are eager to use these tools to contribute to your future happiness. Sign up today to create your wedding website and take advantage of a variety of convenient features meant to bring together each and every individual involved in your ceremony. No longer is it necessary to worry about invitations getting lost in the mail, or RSVPs arriving just too late. By creating your free online wedding planner that is easy enough for even the most technologically-deficient individuals to navigate, all important information and updates can be provided online to ensure coordination from all parties. Love may be an imperfect emotion, but by allowing us to establish and organize the ceremony and all supplementary details, there is a great chance that you’ll be saying “Thanks for My Ideal Wedding!” before the ceremony is completed—and that has quite a nice ring to it. We are your wedding planner online at My Ideal Wedding!

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