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Grooming the Groom

The big day is not all about the bride; the groom is also in the limelight and would like to look his best too. The increase of men’s beauty products like Clarins, Lancôme, Nivea, Decleor, suggesting that men are paying more attention to their image then ever before.  So the following are tips for keeping your ‘husband to be’ in tiptop condition for those wedding photos.


Men have been experimenting with our exfolients and moisturizer for as long as we can remember, this is better than using nothing at all but men need men-specific products for their skin. Their skin is a lot drier and oilier due to higher sebum levels and high moisture evaporation rates. Men’s skin is also thicker than women’s, has a more acidic ph, and has more defined eye contours not to mention that it is fragile due to shaving. In other words our skincare products just wont do the job.

The first step is to use an oil for shaving. Applied to the skin before shaving they will lubricate and soften the hair making for a more comfortable and closer shave. Applying a few drops afterwards will sooth and calm the skin preventing in growing hairs.

Use an exfoliater once or twice a week to further prevent in growing hairs and brighten the complexion. Nivea makes a deep cleansing facial scrub for men that is quite effective. There are plenty of brands to choose from for both oily and sensitive skin. This is always to be followed by a moisturizer or the skin will quickly dry out. Find out what skin type he is (dry, oily, sensitive) and buy the appropriate moisturizer. Another good tip is to get “girlie free” body creams like E45 or Lubriderm for dry skin areas or all over the body. If it isn’t scented he will be more inclined to use it.


A good idea is to go for a facial a few months before the wedding to pamper your skin. A facial will make a huge difference to his skin leaving the face thoroughly cleansed and fresh. If you can’t convince him to do this maybe a half hour facial will be more appealing letting the beautician know he’s a bit nervous before hand so she can put him at ease.

There are also deep cleansing treatments for the body. If the groom has an acne prone area, maybe the back or chest; this treatment can be a good idea. If the groom does not want to go to a Spa or Beautician by himself why not go together. You could even make a romantic weekend out of it by staying overnight.


It is not a good idea to go for a drastic change in the months leading up to the wedding. However it is a good idea to get the hair cut one or two weeks before the wedding letting the hair settle and avoiding a too tight cut. If he is brave enough to try a back or chest wax preparing for the honeymoon this is the best time to try as a wax will last up to ten weeks. Waxing should always be done at the salon preventing any horror stories.

Hands and feet

Hand care just does not sound very masculine or appealing to men, so it’s likely that his hands are not in the best shape possible to say the least. Given that his hands will be on display during the wedding it is a good idea for him to start a daily hand care ritual to keep his skin and nails in top condition for showing off the wedding band. Using a rich moisture hand lotion every day and NOT chewing his nails is a start. A really good idea is for him to get a manicure but if he protests maybe you could take out your nail file and give him a helping hand.

I am assuming that yours and not his feet will be on display but this does not mean foot care for him is out the window. His concerns might differ from yours slightly, with more emphasis on odour prevention.

 Scrubbing feet daily with some tea tree oil or mint foot scrub and drying them completely should help. Also inserting odor control insoles into his shoes to absorb wetness and odor can also be beneficial. The Scholl range of products are usually a safe option.


There is no better time to join the gym than when you book your big day. It will provide all the motivation you need, going to the gym three times a week and eating a healthy balanced diet should tone your body and keep the weight off. Why don’t both of you join together so you can motivate each other to get off the couch and spend some quality time together. If the gym is not your scene then some daily brisk walking is good to clear the head and keep in shape. Do not forget to drink plenty of water and limit you intake of alcohol to keep your body healthy and in good shape.


This will be the most noticeable feature in all the photos so make sure your smile is up to scratch. Go for regular check ups and get your teeth cleaned and polished coming up to the big day. Brush your teeth twice daily using gentle whitening toothpaste and don’t forget to floss. If you need extra help then why not purchase a whitening kit from your local pharmacy and see the difference after a few weeks. If you really want to splash out you can opt for a procedure called  “britesmile” which uses a laser treatment to whiten teeth 5 to 6 shades brighter.

A little bit of care and attention leading up to the wedding will certainly make a big difference.


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