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To Give or Not To Give

Wedding Favours or bomboniere is one of the checklist that people commonly leave to the last minute, or some might not even know what wedding favours is. Bomboniere or wedding favors are essentially the same thing. They are referring to small gifts given by the bride and groom to their guests as gesture of gratitude for attending and being part of their memorable day.

Traditionally, bomboniere used to be a small box with sugar cubes inside (as sugar was expensive back then, and was only given out by the wealthy, as it symbolizes wealth). These days, tradition of giving gifts has reached the general public and shared by most bride & groom around the world.

When it comes to choosing your bonbonniere, there are a few things you can take into account :

  1. Your Budget or time.

Wedding Favours could range from as small as $2 to $35 (per guest). For couples that have a lower budget, they might consider to DIY their Wedding Gifts. For Example, they could use mini container/ jar , then they could fill this in with loose tea leaf, or honey. To add a personalised touch to their wedding favors, they could also  add  a personalised wedding tag/ sticker.

On the other hand, for couples that have little time, but have more budget to spend, they might want to choose a ready-made bomboniere that has been packaged in a ready-to-be-given-out gift box.

  1. Your Wedding Theme.

If you have a particular theme in mind for your wedding, you might consider to tie this in with a theme-related bomboniere. Whether it is a beach themed wedding, or vintage / rustic wedding theme, or fairy tale wedding theme. Wedding favors nowadays come in many varieties to suit your wedding theme.

  1. Practicality or Meaning of the Wedding Gifts.

For some couple, they prefer to give out something that their guest can take home and use. For example, for wine lovers, they could give out wine bottle stoppers or, for ice cream lovers, they could give out ice cream scoop favors to their guests. Not only do they look pretty, but it is a practical gift their guests could use at home too.

For some couple, they want to give out something that tells a story about them. For example, for couples that got engaged at the Eiffel Tower, they might want to give out an “Eiffel tower” related favours. 

  1. Personalisation option.

Some couples love to add a personalised touch to their wedding bomboniere, so their guests could remember their special day when they see their wedding gifts. Personalisation option also come in different forms, the more affordable option is to simply add a personalised wedding label or wedding tag, while some couples prefer to have their wedding gifts engraved, or laser printed on the wedding gifts.

Hope this article can help you choose the right wedding favours for your wedding guests. Your guests are your closest and dearest, why not give them a memorable gift as a thank you for being there with you.

At  Wedding Favours Australia, we have a complete range of wedding favour as well as wedding decorations and accessories. Our goal is to make your special day memorable!


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