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There are many hot bridesmaid styles this year. The dress can be elegant, chic, and flowing. A-line gowns are trending as are Empire v-neck floor length and the soft look of a trumpet mermaid cut. Even if you go for the more casual short dress with sassy boots, you are on the cutting edge of fashion. How can that be? 

The bridesmaid dresses mentioned above have one very important thing in common. They are all covered with or embellished with lace!. Lace is the hottest fabric for the year and whether it is over a formal gown with a plunging back or a cute little two-piece number.  Lace bridesmaid dresses come in a lot of different looks because there is a lot of different lace available. 

While lace is hot, it must be used correctly. We have all seen the bride who is wearing so much lace that she looks like she is wearing a doily. Let’s face it. We do not get married every day and choosing a gown is tough. 

Sometimes the image we have in our minds of the perfect gown may be one we have carried since we were 12. So let the experts help you get the look you want with grace and elegance. The same applies to the bridesmaids. 

Will it blow your budget?

You should be able to get the dress you want under budget. However, you may be dealing with several bridesmaids and each of them will have specific body issues. 

You may have to work around those issues and lace is a great way to camouflage them. That could cost a bit extra, but don’t worry. If it is important to you, there is a way to get it.


Every modern bride is using Crowdfunding to set up her wedding registry. This is a way to list what you want or need and it allows your friends and family to gift you with the money to get it. It is easy for you and easy for them and you do not end up with 6 coffee makers. 

Honeyfund is one of the most popular and easy to use honeymoon registries. Honeyfund is free for you and for your guests. They do not have to leave the comfort of their home to purchase your gift.

Many brides add things like travel expense, lodging, and even wedding expenses. If your bridesmaids need help with these special dresses, add them to your Honeyfund account. It all comes down to what you want and how badly you want it. If Uncle Bob is going to gift you $200, let him do so on your registry and then if a bridesmaid needs help, use the funds to help her.

Of course, you can add traditional items to your registry as well. If you need towels, a toaster oven, or a vacuum, you can list it (along with the model and store) just as you would with a department store registry. 

So set up your Honeyfund account, gather your bridesmaids, and get busy. You are going to have a beautiful wedding!


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