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What exactly does ‘destination wedding’ mean? 

It’s a term used for a wedding which takes place at a location which is away from the bride and grooms home town.  The wedding ceremony and reception is held in a location where everyone has to travel to get to the wedding. It doesn’t have to be overseas- there are some great country destinations.

Choosing a destination for your wedding is probably the most important wedding planning decision you will have to make.  After all, the location of your wedding will dictate many factors of your wedding, including the cost.  For example, many people are now opting for a more tropical and exotic location to get married, and if you have to travel to the other side of the world to get to your dream wedding destination, then that can be pretty expensive.

Destination weddings are certainly growing in popularity.  Most couples still go down the traditional route of getting married in a church followed by a reception at a reception centre. There is no doubt that a destination wedding is a new and upcoming trend with couples wanting to tie the knot. 

Why are destination weddings so popular?

Well, one good reason is that they mean a vacation for everyone involved in the wedding and not just a honeymoon for the bride and groom.  Some people keep it small and quiet with just immediate family and friends, while other couples have a huge wedding party traveling with them – it all depends on what you want.  A destination wedding is also popular with people getting married for the second or even third time.  They don’t want all the fuss and formality of a traditional marriage, they simply want to ‘get away’, get married and spend relaxed time with their guests.

Things to consider when planning a destination wedding:

• If wanting a tropical wedding, remember that it if it is very hot  you and your partner could feel very uncomfortable in formal wedding attire. 

• Do you want only close family/friends to come with you, or a larger wedding party?

• Can all of your guests afford the travelling expenses?

• Can you afford to pay for your guests to travel?

• Do you want to hold a second reception back home for friends and family that couldn’t travel with you?

• Is privacy important to you?  You will be surrounded by your guests for the whole duration of your wedding and perhaps honeymoon.

Remember that you will be inviting the guests to travel with you.  Most likely, the guests will be paying their own way and many will plan a vacation around your wedding.  Therefore, you will have to give considerable thought in what both you and your guests want to do before and after the wedding. It’s a good idea to give guests plenty of time to plan.

Because of the popularity of destination weddings there are many travel agents who now specialize in these types of weddings.  It can be helpful for guests if you put them in touch with your travel agent- if a group booking is made it can help to reduce costs.  Make sure to have some kind of understanding with your guests if you want a few days of privacy.


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