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You may think that buying your wedding suit will be one of the simpler tasks in preparing for your wedding day- we would suggest you think again!

Men are expected to look their best on many occasions- at an interview, making an important presentation or perhaps a big day at the races. None will ever be as important as the day you stand, waiting for your fiance’s entrance.

While it is your partner’s big day, and you would not want to outshine her, you do want to look your best. A custom tailored suit of the highest calibre is certainly a great way to start.
Follow these six suggestions and you will look and feel a million dollars.


Yes- you can certainly purchase your suit with only your big day in mind. However, perhaps a more practical approach would be to choose a suit you are able to wear again after your big day. If you choose well you can do this and still have a fantastic suit.
Make this decision first before you even consider what fabric or style you prefer.

For some, the thought of wearing something non-traditional is too scary to contemplate. Whatever your decision above may be, there are ways to alter your traditional look so that you finish up with a suit which is individual to you.
If you’ve decided to choose your suit considering only your big day perhaps you can make some subtle changes. Such changes could be using sloping pockets or working with different fabric choices. This is where your tailor will guide you.
If however, you have decided to design your suit so that it can be easily worn again, there can be simpler ways to create that individual look. Compliment and change your suit with your choice of tie, pocket square and perhaps shoes. Those that a bit more daring will mix fabrics and colours- ‘a la Spezzato’.


The time of year of your wedding will play a large part in the most suitable fabric for your wedding day. Remember, it is going to be a long day and you will certainly appreciate it if you are comfortable throughout the day.
Some weddings choose very distinct colour themes- this is perhaps the only time you would consider colour first.
Certain colours and fabrics simply do not work. Choose your fabric for its comfort and then consider appropriate colours.


A waistcoat is not mandatory in a formal wedding suit but we feel that it is a must if you have chosen a more casual style.
It will bring a touch of ‘importance’ to your appearance and set you apart. Later in the night when you have discarded your jacket to perform those dazzling dance moves you will still look quite ‘dapper’.


For many, buying their wedding suit will be the first time they have actually purchased a tailor made suit. Don’t be afraid to sit down with your local tailor to talk about what you want. You will find that they are happy to spend time exploring the styles and looks available for you to consider.
It will help if you have a few ideas you can offer to guide them down the right path. Your partner will undoubtebly have purchased an assortment of wedding magazines- sort through them with an eye to what the grooms are wearing. You can also ‘google’ wedding suit photos for different ideas.
If you meet with your tailor and he is not keen on some of your ideas it is wise to listen to him. What may look great on a model in a magazine does not always suit you!

If you are not used to having suits tailored you may be surprised at the length of time it can take to make your suit. It is not unusual for a tailored suit to take six weeks or more. That being the case we suggest you start your planning with your tailor at least 3 months before your wedding.
Your time in the run-up to the wedding will be stretched and you may have to re-arrange some of your fittings etc., with your tailor. Allowing time for unforeseen happenings will mean you get the suit you want, in plenty of time, and with less stress! There are many online wedding planner tools that can help you prioritise your time.
Follow our suggestions and we are confident you will look your best on the day- time now to book a time with your tailor. Remember- they really are your best friend when it comes to looking good!


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