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The ensemble checklist for Grooms

When we consider wedding preparation, we often think of the bride first. The wedding dress, the engagement ring, the bridesmaids – we can become overly focused on all things bridal, and almost forget that a wedding is intended to celebrate the lasting union of two people. The contemporary groom does not receive enough credit for the careful consideration that has gone into his marital ensemble. First, there is the matter of choosing a stylish suit that is also comfortable. Then, the correct shoes must be selected. Finally, there are a wide variety of accessories that the modern-day groom must take into consideration.  The following is a groom’s checklist; a guide to the essential style elements that the leading man must consider.

The Suit Maketh the Man

If it is time to start shopping for the suit, chances are you will have already decided upon your wedding’s dress code. Typically, wedding dress codes fall into one of three common categories.

● Black tie

● Formal 

● Semiformal

Black tie means that, like the groom, your male guests will be wearing tuxedos. As the groom, you would traditionally team a black tuxedo with a black bowtie and patent leather shoes. However, the fashion forward groom may select a white tuxedo, or something bolder like a tux in red velvet. 

Formal or ‘Black Tie Optional’ dress code indicates that whilst black tie is optional, dark formal suits are also acceptable attire.  Try teaming a dark suit with a crisp, white shirt and a conservative tie to rock the formal groom look. The resurgence in the blue suited groom is showing no signs of retreating, so if blue brings out your eyes – go for it!

If you’ve decided on the semiformal option, there are a few routes you can go down. You can stick with a darker suit or opt for something lighter. Choose a bold tie that will complement the plain block colours of your suit and shirt, and viola, your tie becomes the statement piece! Look for a tie that features a few colours and pleasing pattern, perhaps something in paisley or floral.  

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Although it’s easy to get caught up in selecting your suit, deciding on the right shoes for your big day is just as important. For darker suits, it is still best to stick to the classic black shoe. Navy suits remain a lasting exception to this rule. You’ll want to be wearing shoes that are a medium to deep brown instead. 

The Oxford shoe is the most formal of all lace up shoes, followed by the Derby, a slightly more casual yet still timeless style. Whatever style of shoe you end up going with, be sure to wear them in before the wedding day so that they are comfortable.

The Finishing Touches 

There are just as many accessories on offer for the groom as there are for the bride. It is all dependant on your personal taste. If you have always been partial to the idea of a pocket square, there is no better opportunity than your wedding day to sport one. You can always go for the traditional black pocket square if you would rather play it safe, or if you want that extra flair, go for a bolder print that will really make your wedding photos pop. 

Consider investing in a tie pin and a pair of cufflinks for the big day. Rose gold is great at adding warmth to your look, so look for cufflinks in this shade if you’re looking to stay on trend.  A tie pin not only looks sophisticated, it has the added benefit of keeping your tie straight throughout the big day. It is not compulsory that the groom and the groomsmen are dressed identically, but if you want to add a nice uniform touch, matching lapel pins tend to photograph well.

The groom’s style is equally as important as the bride’s. Consider all the essential style elements carefully. Your wedding is a perfect chance to sport the fashion that you love and celebrate your individuality in front of friends and family.


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