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So you’ve got a wedding coming up…Well aside from picking up a something to wear, you will also be needing a gift. Fortunately, getting a wedding present can be a relatively easy and even fun experience.

Here are a few wedding gift ideas to help jog your mind and memory.

The first option is to see if the couple has set up a ‘wedding gift registry’. These days, the registry may be online and many online retailers offer to set up a gift registry for couples to increase transactions. If there is a registry, you could simply pick a gift to buy from there. That’s one of the easiest possible options. This also has an additional advantage that you probably won’t be getting them a gift that someone else has already gotten them, because once you pick a gift from the registry, it is marked off as bought, for the other guests to see.

Another option is cold hard cash. While this may not be the most deeply thoughtful gift, it is damn practical and new couples have to be practical. Keep in mind the newlyweds are probably trying to save up for a mortgage on a home, a car, furnishings, or even to pay off debts and student loans. The bottom line is, cash is very helpful.

If you want to personalize a cash gift, be sure to put some thought into presenting the cash well. Maybe you could spend some time finding a hilarious gift card, with a nice picture and/or picture frame. You could even make your own card with something about the couple if you are close to them. There are many online services for making custom gift cards, and you can probably find funny or romantic quotes on the internet to use to personalize the card.

And lastly, there is the option of choosing your own unique gift. Here are 5 wedding gift ideas that might help:

  1. Charter the couple a private sailboat for a day
  2. A weekend house rental
  3. A membership to monthly or quarterly wine club
  4. A hot air ballooning trip
  5. Some fancy new computer or electronic equipment for their home.

Getting the couple a unique gift can have its rewards. It stands out in their mind and may help to cement a friendship. Buying them a great experience like a romantic getaway house rental can be a great gift and very thoughtful and classy. Depending on how much you plan to spend, you could even plan for a bottle of wine or champagne to be waiting for them when they arrive.

Because gifts can be quite expensive it is becoming more common nowadays to get together with other guests to buy something very nce rather than each giving a small gift.

In my opinion, the only kind of gifts you probably want to avoid are plain old gifts like kitchen items (unless it is specifically listed in their gift registry). Gifts like a kitchen items are pretty unimaginative, bordering on flat out dull, and young couples will probably have an excess of semi-useless kitchen clutter after their wedding.

If the couple is dear to you, don’t contribute to the pile of semi-useful, not-very-thoughtful gifts that clutter their living area in the months after the wedding. Take a few extra minutes and think up something cool. Even if it isn’t their favorite thing, they’ll probably appreciate your effort at getting something unique.


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