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I get it – having worked with thousands of Best Men and Groomsman since starting My Ultimate Bucks 8 years ago, I have seen it all – I’ve helped the bestowed organiser through the minefield of fiancé restrictions, the bride-to-be’s father sticking his awe in, and every attendee and his dog having an input into what the bucks must have, let alone what the groom himself wants to achieve on his night of nights – it’s a jungle out there.

Here are my top recommendations for pulling off a bucks that ticks all the boxes whilst still making sure your groom has a wedding to attend after the party is done and dusted!


So you have had the great honour of Best Man bestowed upon you – Congratulations. But with great honour, comes great responsibility! The Bucks: it is a tradition that dates back to the days of The Spartans (how cool is that – actual Spartans!). Pressure On to pull off an awesome event with equal amounts of unique and traditional? Look no further! We sat down with guest industry expert Nyree Stevens, Owner of My Ultimate Bucks and My Ultimate Hens to rack her brain for a definitive guide on walking the line between the suave and the smut when it comes to Bucks!


Maybe you’ve been informed by the ‘Mrs to Be’ that she’s not keen when it comes to the inclusion of full on strippers at the Bucks…or maybe he is just not an exxxtra kind of guy – either way, there are brilliant options that walk the tightrope line nicely between “After all this IS a Bucks night…” and “Whoa calm your farm, this isn’t Vegas!”



If you are looking for that brilliant mix between keeping it classy whilst still having a touch of “bucksness” then look at combining a daytime activity that effortlessly mixes in some cheekiness – One of the most common and crowd pleasing examples of this would be a Golf Bunny package! Sex and golf are the two things you can enjoy even if you’re not an expert at both…so all the lads will love this one! Golf truly is the sport of kings, giving your buck and the rest of the fellas the perfect excuse to indulge in secret men’s business while taking in some fresh air! You’ll be firing with the irons with the help of two personal caddy gals whose sexy golf outfits of high white socks and oh-so-tiny skirts leave little to the imagination and will ensure you hit the perfect combination of class and Bucks tradition!
Another cracking idea and one of our most popular packages at My Ultimate Bucks is a yacht cruise with extras! Envy will follow your party down the wharf as you board a private million dollar luxury catamaran, laden down with cases of BYO beer. Welcomed warmly by your private skipper and given free rein on a boat that is probably bigger than your apartment…but wait there’s more…waiting on board is a girl whose assets put the ocean views to shame and guarantee that your attention will be on the ‘scenery’ if you know what we mean! A fully private luxury yacht, Capitan, BYO, Eskis filled with lots of Ice, BBQ, and of course your private topless waitress. Nothing to think about except sitting back on the water and raising a beer to your buck over and over again. That’s the dream.


I am a big fan of what we call at My Ultimate Bucks, “The Gracious Departure Rule!” It works like this…say some lads in the Bucks (often the Father in Law to be, or some staunch colleagues from work perhaps) may want to be involved in the celebrations for your groom, however are not keen on venturing into the whole traditional Bucks elements of smut and beyond. The solution is to plan a crowd-pleasing event for the main part of the Bucks – one of the sports ideas above perhaps or even a Brewery tour, True Crime hunt, Escape Room or a Spirits Masterclass – basically a kick start for your best mates Bucks night in an atmosphere that pulses with class and sophistication, where friends, fathers, uncles and brothers are caught up in the celebration, perhaps while enjoying high end hors d’oeuvres (that’s finger food to you, Timmy). The comradery, the circumstance and the surroundings all contribute to this ever so prodigious prelude to a perfect send off… Cue The Gracious Departure.
This is double barrelled perfection and includes finishing in far less style than you started! Now that the steadfast lads have said their cya’s, you can follow on with a whole lotta ladies wearing a whole lotta nothing, spirits that flow like water and action that will make you pleased you sent the father in-law home! VIP Booth experiences at gentleman’s clubs, strip poker competitions (where your stunning hostess is the only one who is stripping), Penthouse parties with topless waitresses – the works. The Gracious Departure Rule – it has you covered!

GET A WINGMAN “Look at combining a daytime activity that effortlessly mixes in some cheekiness…That’s the dream”


You really can’t beat something that gets all the blokes together doing something that is equal parts hilarious and challenging – and what better excuse than a Bucks night to just that.
Why play soccer when you can get dressed up as giant soccer balls and bust each other on the field in Bubble Soccer? Why do grandpa-bowls when you can have barefoot bowls with cold beers? Beach Quad Biking, Strip Shooting (where a stunner strips off an item of clothing every time the buck hits a target), Paintball, Axe throwing, Go Karting to rev the boys up…
Our most popular packages at My Ultimate Bucks combine an activity, an opportunity to be a bit competitive with the lads, and a decent dose of bevies and food– followed by the right amount of entertainment as far as you want to push it into the evening.

Some tried and tested examples of not going the whole hog include having a themed topless waitress instead of the normal stripper routine – this way, the guys can tick the box of having that bucks night cheekiness, without being explicit – some of our most popular themes for our My Ultimate Bucks clients include theming the topless waitress as a cheerleader for the bucks favourite sports team, or one of his superhero fantasies brought to life such as wonder woman! This is a great way to add a fun, harmless touch of cheekiness to the Bucks without pushing the boundaries.
Another popular idea is to add in a topless poker dealer to the party – that way, the guys can enjoy some poker or blackjack with the lads, whilst having a laugh and enjoying the day – a professional trained croupier brings with her cards and chips – now the guys just have to focus on remembering their cards with all of that distraction!
Every best man wants to be the one who pulls off the Bucks for his best mate that has all of the lads patting him on the back for a job well done! Not sure where to start? Where to walk the line and please everyone – most of all your buck? If you need any extra ideas or advice, feel free to get in touch with the awesome team at My Ultimate Bucks! Think of us as your wingman! We put the hard yards in so you come out ahead. Let us know a bit about your best mate and we do the rest – There is nothing more that is needed from a perfectly planned Bucks – your mate will be stoked and here’s hoping your married, as he will have a hard time topping your perfect send off. But hey – that’s what we are here for. We plan it out, pull it together and point you in the right direction. You get the night, the glory and most likely the hangover that goes with it!
So go fourth and conquer best man – and good luck out there in the Bucks jungle!


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