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One of the most important rituals before getting married is to choose a wedding ring. Most people opt for diamonds in their rings because it is the classic choice. Not every diamond is worth purchasing, however, especially for an engagement ring or a wedding ring. If you are planning to get engaged or married soon, you want to take the time to research what makes for a great diamond. We have some things to keep in mind so that the stone you choose is one that you and your loved one will love.

#1 The Cut

One of the most important things you need to know about when choosing a diamond is the cut. The better the cut is, the more the diamond is worth, and the more it will cost. The cut is what gives the diamond its sparkle, so that the better it was cut, the more it will shine. It is important to get the very best cut you can afford since you do not want the diamond to look dull or muddy.

#2 The Shape

This can come down to personal preference, with some people liking the princess cuts better than round cuts, or vice versa. Shape can affect the price of the diamond, however, since some shapes will only work with certain types of cuts. The most common diamond shape is the round one, because of the way that it sparkles. Princess diamonds are the least expensive of the shapes available, while the pear-shaped ones tend to be the most expensive, as do the diamond-shaped like hearts.

#3 The Colour

Generally, people who buy diamonds for wedding rings go for colourless stones. With a diamond, the less colour or hint of color it has, the better the quality of the stone is. Of course, these days, people are choosing to go with yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, and many other choices. When choosing a diamond, you want to keep it in as high a colourless grade as you can afford. You should not choose from outside grades G-H if you want to have a quality stone.

#4 The Clarity

Most diamonds have some imperfections. These are usually not visible to the naked eye, so it is generally not a problem when choosing a stone. These imperfections are called inclusions and the stones with the least amount of them have the highest clarity ratings. This also means they will be more expensive. For people on a limited budget, clarity does not have to be a huge concern and you can find an SI diamond that looks beautiful, as long as you know they will have some inclusions.

#5 The Carat

Most people have heard the term carat when referring to a diamond. The carat is the stone’s weight, not its size, and the rule of thumb is that the larger the carat the more expensive the diamond will be. Now, this can be affected by other factors like shape, cut, and clarity, but for the most part, if you want a larger carat weight, expect to pay more. It is important to note that small carat diamonds can still look large with higher cut grades. To get the most out of the diamond in your budget, consider purchasing a slightly smaller carat but having it cut at a higher grade. This will really show off the diamond’s sparkle.

Choosing the right diamond for your wedding ring can be a thrilling experience. It does not have to be a stressful one if you know what to look for and if you ask for recommendation from people who are experts in diamonds. Celebrate this important part of your life with a beautiful stone. Remember to look for the right cut and clarity in the stone, as well as the shape that your prefer. With a bit of knowledge, you will find the perfect diamond for your ring.

Author Bio: Marcus Rose is the owner of Charles Rose Jewellers, a fine diamond house and bespoke jeweller established in 1923 and one of the leading diamond houses in Australia. The experienced team of diamond experts and skilled craftsmen are well known providers of top quality diamond rings and jewellery, specialising in handmade wedding jewellery and engagement rings.


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