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There are many benefits to hosting a winter wedding! From the sunsets, to stress-free planning, we reveal five unexpected benefits of hosting a winter wedding.

1.    Less competition for the best suppliers

Hosting your wedding in the cooler months gives you the chance of securing your dream photographer, hairdresser, florist, just to name a few! With months of preparation required, often couples working to a short timeframe or the busiest time of year, often miss out on their preferred suppliers. A winter wedding can be the perfect way to ensure you get the wedding of your dreams.

2.    Nothing beats a gorgeous winter sunset

Sunsets are always more beautiful in winter, and it seems this observation is grounded in fact. According to meteorologists, sunsets are often more beautiful in winter because the air is “dryer and cleaner.” Sounds like a great reason to host a winter wedding!

3.    You can enjoy those picturesque European Honeymoons

It might be a little chilly in the Southern Hemisphere, but it’s hot a sunny up north! You could be living it up in sunny Spain, Portugal, France, Italy or Croatia!

4.    Your guests won’t be as busy

We all know that summer is the height of social time, which means all your guests are likely to be busy with lots of parties, family celebrations and of course, other weddings. Winter weddings are a great way to ensure your special day doesn’t have to compete with your guests’ calendar. Weddings are about celebrating with everyone you love right?

5.    There’s less rain

Something you may not know is that the winter season is the least likely to receive rainfall, making it a perfect time to celebrate an outdoor wedding. Less rain equals less risk. 

6.    No overheating

This is probably our favourite winter wedding benefit. The cooler air means everyone can wear those beautiful long gowns, and sharp suits, without worrying about how badly they are going to overheat! So we think, what’s not to love about a winter wedding, bring on the fashion?!


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