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We all know that planning a wedding can be stressful, expensive and complicated, but it can also be fun and exciting too. There are many online wedding planner tools that can help you.

Here are some little things to think about when planning and budgeting for your big day that you may not have included in your plans.

1) Get 3 quotes
As with most things in life you should get 3 written quotes for each product/service you need for your wedding. This should give you peace of mind that you are paying a fair price.
Try to be flexible with your choices
This may save you money and stress. If your fave venue is booked out, be open to changing the date, or venue.

2) Choosing Bridesmaids & Groomsmen
Try to choose people who will be happy to help you make your day special. It’s your day – not theirs!

3) Payments
You need to decide, before you choose your bridesmaids & groomsmen, who will be paying for their outfits. This is very important and you should spell it out clearly when you invite them. This gives them the chance to gracefully decline if they don’t feel they can pay for the expense of a wedding outfit.

4) There will be upsets!
In planning your wedding you will undoubtably upset at least one person- probably more! Who you invite to be in the Bridal Party, where people will be sitting- the chances of causing upset are numerous. Just remember- it is your day. As long as you have not set out to upset people just accept that it will happen and that it is not your problem.

5) Great wedding don’t have to be big.
Memorable & romantic weddings can be small and intimate. Invite those you want to spend your day with. Often we are on a tight budget and it is better to have a wonderful wedding with those you enjoy rather than an average wedding with everyone you think you are expected to invite.

6) The important thing is you and your partner
When you find yourself getting upset about the colour of your flowers or the order of your music just stop & remember- the day you are planning is the day that you are going to commit to a life together. The little things really don’t matter!

7) Share the day
Planning the wedding can become all consuming- try to remember that, even though it is said the day belongs to the bride, it is really a day to truly share- just like the rest of your lives.

8) Spend big- on the things that matter!
Think about what will last past the day? Your photos and videos will be your living memory of your day. To make them as good as possible you should ensure you look your best. Spend your money on good facial treatments, makeup and hair styles. Choose your photographer and videographer carefully. Once the day is over there is no going back!

9) Hair & Makeup tips
Ladies should have facial waxing at least 4 days before the wedding day. It takes this long for invisible hairs to regrow and these are needed for a good makeup result.

Hair styles and colouring should be done well before your wedding day. Anything you do in the week preceeding the wedding should not be too ‘dramatic’.

10) ‘To Do List’ and ‘Budget’
A wedding is a daunting task – there are ways to keep things simple and to make sure you do what you need to do, when you need to do it.There are various ‘online’ planning tools that can help you plan your wedding. One such option is to register with ‘My Ideal Wedding’. Registration is free and you will be able to keep on top of everything wherever you are. You will get a comprehensive ‘To Do List’ which you can check off as you work through your tasks. You can even allocate tasks to family and friends to help you with. The Budget calculator also gives you a good idea of what is spent on what products/services. It lets you keep track of the overall cost of the wedding, what you have already paid and what is still to be paid. 

Research carefully but understand that the world does not revolve around you. Make decisions in good time so that small problems don’t become large issues.

11) Pinterest
Pinterest has made planning a wedding so much easier. Gather photos of what you like and don’t like. You can share these with your suppliers. This will give them a good idea of what you like.

12) Keep your Hair & Makeup Artists informed
If you have any allergies or if you are on any special medication please make sure you let people know. The last thing you need on your big day is a reaction to something which could have been avoided.

13) Wedding Day Emergency Kit
This is such a small thing but can help avert disasters on the day- include bobby pins, safety pins, bandaids, tissues, and anything else you feel you may need.

14) Tailor traditions to meet your day.
If you don’t want to wear a garter, if you don’t want to toss your bouquet- don’t. As I keep reminding you- it’s your day so do what you are comfortable doing.

15) Delegate
Possibly the hardest thing for a bride to do- but do it! Not only will delegating to others relieve your stress, they will love the fact they can help you.

16) Hens & Bucks nights need to be WELL before the wedding.
These gatherings should be fun and you should not need to worry about how you will be feeling on your big day! Get these events over well before the wedding.

17) Be cautious before the wedding

If you are planning to water ski the week before the wedding- DON’T. That is unless you are happy spending your wedding (and honeymoon!) in a cast – or worse.

18) Catering for service providors
Some of your service providors will be spending much of your special day with you. Be considerate to them and chances are that their service will be all the better. Photographers, Makeup Artists and Musicians are examples of those who will make your day the special day it will be. Make sure they have refreshments, food and adequate breaks. Your thoughtfullness will be repaid many times over.

19) Whos doing what?
Make sure you know who will be handling each task. This should be spelled out clearly in your ‘To Do List’. Who will be collecting gifts from the reception, who will be arranging for the dry cleaning of your wedding dress, who will have your ‘Emergency Kit’- all these things need to be arranged before your wedding day so it runs smoothly.

20) Touchups
Ask your Makeup Artist to supply you with a ‘touch up’ kit of lipstick etc., 

21) Be ‘weather ready’!
Wherever you are the weather can do the unpredictable. If any of your day is going to be ‘outside’, make sure you have an alternative option should the weather change.

22) Etiquette
The Photographer & Videographer have a hard enough job as it is. It can help if you give somebody the task of making sure people don’t get in their way. People should also be reminded to either mute or turn off their phones at important moments.

23) Children
If you are going to invite children to the wedding it is a good idea to give one person the task of making sure the children are being looked after and not becoming a ‘problem’. Parents have the best of intentions but they can be distracted and their children can get away from them. Let the parents know who you have asked to make sure the children are happy and don’t get into mischief!

24) Watch your drinks.
It is very easy to get carried away- champas with the Bridesmaids and before you know it you can’t recall much of your special day! Only what guests tell you the next day. You have spent so much time and effort preparing for this special day- make sure you enjoy it & can remember it.

25) Enjoy the planning.

The day will be great but it will go by so quickly. Try to enjoy the whole wedding journey- from the timeyou announce your engagement until you leave for your honeymoon..

Always remember, if it all gets too hard, you can always elope, or do Vegas. Both options end in the same result = Husband and Wife status with your special one and only.


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