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How to Plan a Wedding A Comprehensive Guide


As exciting as it is, planning a wedding can be pretty overwhelming. While you will most certainly have a lot of fun planning a wedding, there are times where you will feel like yanking your hair out due to the number of decisions you have to make.

Wedding planning is all about enjoying the process, however if not done right, your wedding day will be ruined forever. At least that’s what every newly engaged couple feels!

So, to help you make your big day memorable, here are some pointers on how to plan a wedding according to experts.

Your Wedding Planning Checklist

The first step when figuring out how to plan a wedding is remembering that the experience is supposed to be fun. Don’t forget to involve your spouse; it is a big day for both. You should be able to decide what the most critical aspect of your wedding will be and what you can adjust. You will also need all the support you can get, so do not hesitate to ask for help.

Now that these pointers are out of the way, keep scrolling to discover how to plan a wedding effortlessly.

Create an outline of the wedding planning process

Firstly, setting a timeline is quite crucial. You should have at least 12 months of planning time between your engagement and wedding day. This will give you enough time to prepare and get every detail right for your big day. Considering the season you choose for your wedding, booking your venue in advance is always wise.

Next, it would be best if you painted a picture of what your idea of your wedding day looks like to you and your beau. This mental image will allow you to share your vision with your wedding planner and vendors. It also helps you feel less overwhelmed when picking vendors, venues, outfits, and everything else by giving you a starting point for your planning process.

Check the depth of your pockets

Before you go all out with your ideas on how to plan a wedding, set a clear-cut budget for your big day. That way, you will not spend more than you have to or worse – blow your life savings in one day! It will also help you prioritize the things that matter to you and compromise on those you can do without.

If you have family and friends who would like to contribute to your wedding, don’t be afraid to discuss with them in detail, so you know which boxes to cross off your checklist. For example, if a friend volunteers to be your wedding photographer at a discounted price, talk to them beforehand to know what to expect.

Depending on the date you plan to marry, you can also start saving for your wedding well in advance. Once you have an approximate idea of your costs, create a budget for your wedding and commit to it.

Keep everything in order while planning a wedding

Most brides and grooms are stressed during the days leading to their wedding because they always fear that something might go wrong. However, you can prevent this if you set up a to-do list of tasks that must be taken care of.

When planning a wedding, the to-do list will help you stay on top of things, and it will be easier to keep track of all the wedding venues and boutiques you visited and all the cake tastings you did. So, to stay organized, create checklists.

Settle on a date

Save the Date
Save the Date

Deciding a date for your wedding is the next step. There should be at least three dates that should be considered for your wedding day. After assessing factors such as a popular holiday, the availability of your guest list, or the wedding venue, you want to book; you should decide the date.

Until you have booked everything you want, you should be flexible with your dates. This will help you compare the pricing of the services you’re looking for and help you find the best fit for your budget.

Plan out your wedding theme

Many couples decide on a theme for their wedding depending on what suits their style. They could go for

  • a simple traditional wedding
  • a grand beach-themed wedding
  • a fancy rustic-themed wedding
  • a subtle romance-themed wedding
  • an elaborate gothic wedding

Agreeing on a wedding theme helps you envision it and makes it easier to categorize what you want and don’t want. In addition, it makes choosing a wedding venue hassle-free, as you can pick 2-3 venues that fit the theme, check their availability and book them.

Handpick your wedding party

Your wedding party will be with you throughout the festivities and the wedding planning process. They will be the emotional support you will need. Of course, there might be a difference in opinions on how to plan a wedding or ego clashes, but if a simple conversation cannot solve them, that might sour your mood.

So, choose who you want to share your happiness with wisely and ensure that they can handle the role they have been selected for.

Make an attendee list

Choosing who to invite to your wedding is a task, especially when you have a small gathering in mind. However, the size of the wedding might aid you in selecting the guests you want to invite. You will have to sit down with your partner and make a master guest list to decide who you want to be present in your marriage and who you want to cut.

The people who didn’t make the list can be included in other wedding-related activities, for instance, bachelor or bachelorette parties, engagement parties, or receptions.

Choose the dream location for your wedding

Wedding venues are one of the important decisions to make when planning a wedding. You can finalize your wedding venue based on your guest list, property size, price per head, facilities, and other requirements specific to your wedding. Once you go and look around the venue, you will know what you don’t want.

So, talk to other people, look at different venues, and compare prices before committing to anything. You might not be able to get the wedding venue you desired because of the availability; that is why you should always have more options.

When planning a wedding, book the vendors you trust

Numerous things need to be taken care of on your wedding day. The vendors you choose will be responsible for managing everything, from food to the music to the photographs and the decorations. It would help if you prioritized what you want to spend on by keeping your budget the focus when you book the vendors.

So, see whether you are comfortable with them, whether they can visualize what you envision for your wedding day, and bring them onboard.

Don’t forget to look for your wedding attire while planning a wedding

Say yes to the dress

Wedding Dress Australia
Wedding Dress

Now that you have booked everything, it’s time to find that perfect dress. You might honour your ancestors and wear a traditional outfit, or you might skip the conventional dress and opt for something more modern; it’s all up to you. But make sure to book your dress with plenty of time for alterations, as you don’t want to rush your dress fittings so close to your wedding day. Likewise, finding the perfect shoes and accessories that match your dress takes time, so plan accordingly.

Suit up

Finding the wedding attire that fits your taste is a process. The perfect suit that matches you as well as your partner’s outfit. You might want a traditional suit with a bow tie or casual jean-jacket look; it’s all up to you. Just be sure to decide your outfit, keeping in mind your time and the alterations that will be needed. Because just like your bride, you also don’t want to rush your outfit fittings.

Circulate your invitations

Be sure to send out your invitations in advance so your guests can save the date and RSVP. You will need a tentative list of people attending your wedding to give an estimate to your vendors and make seating charts.

If your guests are coming from out of town, you must book hotel rooms and organize transport for them around the city. You can also plan out the food and drinks at your wedding according to the dietary requirements of your guests if they RSVP. So, send your invitations well in advance and urge your guests to respond.

Planning the wedding activities will take time, so be sure to plan it before sending out your invites. First, you must decide who to send invitations to for Hens & Buck Nights, rehearsal dinner, and reception if you invite specific people to your wedding ceremony. Doing that will help you make arrangements to create an itinerary for your guests when they arrive.

Hire a professional

You will need all the help you can get on the wedding day. You won’t be able to run around the whole day and check on things. So, if you are not planning on hiring a wedding planner for the entire process, consider hiring one for just the day of your wedding. They will keep track of all the vendors and ensure everything is done right.

Some reception venues provide a wedding planner to make sure your day runs smoothly.

How to plan a wedding while still having fun?

The first and most important thing is to take breaks from the wedding planning process. Go on dates, hang out with your friends and family, and do other things that do not involve wedding planning. Don’t let it consume you. It is your wedding, and you won’t be able to enjoy it if you are stressed about every little detail. Finally, don’t forget to have fun while planning a wedding.

Design a wedding website

There are still tons of details you might miss while discovering how to plan a wedding, but with a wedding website, you can make sure your wedding day is as perfect as you imagine it to be. Build your wedding website, set up a registry, and make your work easier—all your wedding processes in one place. You can generate and send a link to your guests and ask them to RSVP with a few clicks.

Planning a wedding isn’t easy, but it is the most joyous process of anyone’s life.

While it might seem that you are supposed to know how to plan a wedding, it can get overwhelming. With My Ideal Wedding, you can ensure that not a single detail is missed while planning your wedding. The best part? We’ll keep you in the loop during the entire process. We are a free to register wedding website with expertise in making your wedding planning process effortless, with easy-to-use features that help you compare all your choices in one place.

So, now that you know how to plan a wedding, why don’t you make your wedding planning process easier by hiring us?


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