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Could  ‘Popup Weddings’ be the next big ‘fad’ in weddings – Pop Bliss will be holding their first New York wedding, for up to10 couples, on  March 30th-31st 2016!

How long will it be until this starts up in Australia?

Pop Bliss believes they can provide couples with an easy and hassle free solution to the traditional wedding. They will provide you with a luxury wedding without the normal process involving months and months of planning and haggling. All you need to do is turn up in your ‘wedding day’ attire with your guests in tow and Pop Bliss will take care of everything else.

That is probably over simplifying it a bit but Pop Bliss will certainly take care of the lion share of what can be a very traumatic experience!

Because the ‘Popup’ weddings cater for a group of couples they are able to reduce the actual cost for each couple compared to a traditional wedding. Certain parts of the day will be conducted as a group including – the ceremony, the bouquet toss, cake cutting, first dance and overall reception. Pop Bliss will ensure that each couple will have ” their moment to shine with a solo walk down the aisle and solo reciting of the vows”. Within the process there are many ways to personalise your experience.

‘Pop Bliss’ does not restrict the participants- you can be newly weds, couples renewing your vows, same sex couples-everyone is welcome to apply. The number of guests is dependant on the location – this can be discussed at the time of registration. If the number of guests does not fit into one of their planned weddings Pop Bliss is happy to look at personalising an event to suit. There is a livestream of all events on Pop Bliss’s site which will enable those unable to attend on the day to still ‘experience’ your wedding.

The actual Venue is kept a secret. You will know the city of the event but not the final venue details.

This will certainly not be an option for everyone but it could well cater to a niche market of couples who want that special wedding without all the hassle.


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