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In our lifetimes, there are few events that deeply impact us and change us forever, our wedding day is one of those spectacular events. From that day forward, you will never be the same. You allow your hopes and dreams to merge and one new life is created from two. 

This is why we put so much emphasis on our weddings. It is not just about wearing the gown, carrying the flowers, and saying the words. It is about a new beginning. 

When we understand why this ancient custom stirs the deepest of our emotions, we can easily justify our desire to make this single event a deeply moving, profoundly beautiful occasion. While there are many beautiful places to choose from, few offer the variety, beauty, and cultural experience of the Hawaiian Islands.

Making your dreams a reality

Weddings are expensive. Many couples spend tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding. But for a young couple, just beginning their career, that seems like an impossible dream. This basic need for making dream weddings a reality is why honeymoon registries were created. A wedding registry is a crowdfunding site set up by the bride and groom which allows them to register for the items they really want. Plumfund is one of the most popular crowdfunding sites around the globe. It is a zero fee platform for the guests who use it to gift the couple. 

While the Honeyfund can be used for traditional gifts (toaster ovens, bedding, etc.) or it can be used to list expenses the couple would like covered in order to make the dream wedding possible. Here are a few suggestions:

Travel fees

Honeymoon suite

Dinner on the beach

Massage for two

Activities while on vacation

Cash for daily expenses

While on a Hawaiian honeymoon, there are a variety of Hawaii tours available. These tours take the visitor beyond the black sand beaches and let them experience the true beauty of Hawaii. They include:

Volcano tours

Island and Ecotours

Cultural tours and Luaus

Pearl Harbor tours

Tours can be all-inclusive, and there are many activities that can only be experienced fully in the islands. Tours can be arranged by the individual island. 

The couple can choose the Hawaiian tour they are most interested in and itemize the expenses on their Honeyfund account and allow their guests to contribute to their trip in lieu of traditional gifts.  This is simply a modern option that allows your family and friends another way of gifting. Many of us would rather apply our money where we know it will mean the most. Honeymoon registries are done with dignity and taste and are socially acceptable. 

Forever memories
The wedding gown, the venue, the vows, the flowers, and every single detail of your wedding day will be a memory you carry in your heart. Your wedding photographer can take those beautiful memories and freeze them in time to be revisited and shared for years to come. 

Perhaps this is why a Honeyfund Registry is so popular. Allow those who love you to participate in making your special memories, forever memories.


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