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Someone wise once said that ‘you can have anything, but you can’t have everything’, and unless you are marrying an investment banker, royalty or Bill Gates’ son, this certainly applies to most of us when it comes to planning our wedding day. In order to help you make the tough decisions, here are four easy steps that will hopefully make the process a whole lot less painful.

1. Start with a figure.

This may sound obvious, but knowing how much you have to spend is important to work out, and it can avoid many arguments with your partner or parents down the track. Plenty of couples argue over how much things cost, so have the conversation early on so there are no surprises later. A wedding budget planning tool can be helpful.

2. Prioritise.

Make a list of what matters most and spend accordingly, compromising if you need to on the less important items. For me, the dress and location were extremely important but the food, providing it was good, did not need to be prepared by a two hatted chef. My best friend on the other hand, a devout foodie, was happy to skip the bombonieres and get an Aunt to arrange her flowers in order to have the creme de la creme in the kitchen and the most delicious wedding cake (which it was). Others will insist on couture for their wedding dress, the best photographer money can buy, the largest diamond possible or an incredible honeymoon. Whatever you decide, only you can know what will matter most to you, and what you could regret looking back in ten years time.

3. Research.

The internet and globalisation mean that the world is quite literally at your fingertips, and if you have the time, looking around will often save you a lot of money. Just remember to take duties/tax into account. Sometimes delivery costs make the more expensive local options cheaper after all. Google is amazing! You could try searching ‘wedding suppliers directory Australia’. 

4. Negotiate.

Sure, some suppliers will refuse, but you are unlikely to cause offence by asking for the best possible price. It is surprising how often people are willing to discount, especially when you are spending quite a bit of money. You could also consider getting married on a weekday (Fridays are increasingly popular) in order to secure the venue that you want at a more budget friendly price. 

No Gaurantees but if you follow these 4 easy steps you are much more likely to enjoy your ‘wedding journey’.


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