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Even if you are the most organised bride, there is often a million things to do in the weeks leading up to your big day. Hair and make up trials, nail appointments, corresponding with the venue, last minute alterations, family dinners, hosting guests from interstate… the list goes on! So in order to stay sane and appreciate this amazing time before you say ‘I do’, consider these three tips:

1. Delegate.

If you have chosen to have bridesmaids and a maid of honour, do not be afraid to ask whether they can help with some of the last minute tasks that you may struggle to make time for. While no one but you can go to your waxing appointment, most people love being able to do something to contribute to your special day. Often aunts, uncles, friends, and your partner are only too happy to pick relatives up from the airport or drive across town at the last minute to pick up bombonieres. You may find it helpful to use some of the online wedding planning tools currently available. One site which offers such tools in My Ideal Wedding There is no medal for doing everything yourself!

2. Relax.

With so much to organise and all of the excitement (plus perhaps some nerves), how on earth do you switch off? Well, if you have been able to delegate (see tip 1!), try to take some time out for yourself and relax. There are so many apps these days to help with this – try the smilingmind app for easy to follow breathing and mindfulness meditations. This will also help you stay ‘in the moment’ on the big day – trust me, it flies by so quickly!

3. Stay out of the politics.

If Aunt Mary is not talking to cousin Liz and your Mum is upset that the Donovans have not yet RSVP’d, now is not the time to play diplomat! You have a lot going on so if you can avoid it, stay out of the family dramas and avoid adding an extra layer of stress to your big day. Remember that the most important thing is that you are marrying the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. In five years time, the drama that unfolds around your big day is unlikely to seem like such a big deal. 


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