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Ideal Suppliers

Your Shortlist Dashboard

Click, compare and choose your ideal wedding suppliers in all parts of Australia with confidence. The unique information filtering system allows you to compare participating wedding venues at different price points. Just click on the "Price per head for Food & Beverages starting from" button.

Happy planning!

My Ideal Suppliers

Ideal Checklist

Your Ideal Checklist makes planning your special day simple, convenient and fun!

This month to month checklist of suggested tasks maps out clearly what needs to be done, by when and by whom. It will help you to stay organised, on track and calm, knowing all the details are taken care of.

My Ideal Checklist

Guest List

Keep track of your Guest List.

Develop guest lists and email invitations for any occasion from the hen's party and buck's night to the ceremony and reception or any other wedding celebration event.
Add your guest's names, addresses and contact details as well as any special requirements such as individual dietary needs or children's meals.

My Ideal Guest List

Ideal Seating

Manage your Wedding Seating planner

Now that you know who is coming to your wedding or other planned events, you can have some fun working out the seating arrangements. The Ideal Seating tool will help you to create the ideal table combinations of family and friends.

My Ideal Seating

Wedding Website

Create your free Ideal Wedding website

Share your story and plans with family and friends by creating your own customised ideal wedding website. It's easy, it's fun and it's free!
Guests and others can go to your personal web address to read about the latest updates, see new images, and follow your exciting journey leading up to the big day.

My Wedding Website

Ideal Budget

Your Ideal Budget tool helps you plan spending on all aspects of your special day and make informed decisions about finances along the way.

Monitor your expenditure across all categories. The Ideal Budget tool is built to work just as easily on your Smartphone, desktop computer, laptop or tablet, so you can plan your ideal wedding any time, day or night.

My Ideal Budget