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Yes - it is the Brides day. But that is no reason the Groom can't look his best.

Use our products in the lead up to your wedding and 2 things will happen-

1) You'll look great on your big day
2) You'll want to keep using our products

Founded in 2014, BM Cosmetics is Australia’s first makeup brand for men, boasting a professional and exclusively developed range of skincare and cosmetics.

Made by men for men, BM Cosmetics have worked alongside world-renowned cosmetic chemists to formulate a specially designed product range that is suitable specifically to male skin. Women’s makeup is designed for women’s soft and smooth skin, whereas, BM Cosmetics is designed for rougher, more pigmented skin, and even facial hair! Our makeup is finely ground 4-5 times (most brands only ground twice!) to ensure smooth application and blending with an unprecedented masculine matte finish, while still providing fantastic coverage.    

Designed to compliment a man’s thicker skin type, all products in the BM Cosmetics makeup and skincare collection contain a range of quality ingredients that provide effortless application to promote and enhance the natural male physique. The hypoallergenic and fragrance free product range means BM Cosmetics is suitable for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin.

Providing men all around the world with a premium end-to-end skincare and corrective enhancements range, BM Cosmetics is committed to providing real results that are specifically tailored to your skincare needs.

Created by actor-turned-entrepreneur, Beau Mooi, the range was passionately developed for men seeking an overall natural look that female cosmetics cannot deliver.

Pioneering a new age in male grooming in Australia and around the world, BM Cosmetics allows you to put your best face forward.

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