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We are able to provide the perfect blend of musical genres and styles which cater to the differing stages throughout the course of a wedding.

A common wedding performance would be to provide background music combining: Jazz, light pop, lounge and soul music for the first two hours whilst people eat and talk, to then providing uplifting celebratory music later in the evening designed to get people on the dance floor. A detailed plan is discussed so that the 'newly-weds' feel completely confident that their musical requirements are met on their special day. Jazz It Up performs a diverse and eclectic range of music designed at getting your feet moving and your toes tapping!

Music styles include: Jazz, Blues, Latino, Pop, Acoustic Rock & Ballads, Soul, Funk, Rock & Roll, R&B, Motown, Classical, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and Contemporary.

This diverse range of material and ability to really entertain a crowd are the reasons why the band has experienced longevity and success both locally and abroad. “Most importantly, the musical experience and charm of the charismatic and effervescent lead performer Will Metzer really distinguishes this band from others in the industry.” Eddy Stratiotto, Director of Wow Creative.


Jazz It Up can provide a professional DJ and or Master of Ceremonies for your event. We provide a mix of tunes designed to provide the best possible ambience for the occasion ensuring your guests are on the dance floor before the night has ended.

Solo, duo, trio...

This option may be utilised for smaller events, cocktail parties or ceremonies. Jazz It Up provides the option of a Solo, Duo or Trio providing any combination of musicians which you may like for your event. Whether it be a solo pianist/vocalist, violinist, guitarist, harpist, piano accordionist or vocalist with backing tracks. Typical combinations are: Vocolaist/ Pianist/ Guitarist or Pianist/Bass, Pianist/ Saxophone or any combination you may think of. You may like to utilise our horn section providing a 'bling' to the sound by adding either a: saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor or baritone), Trumpet (Flugal horn and French horn) and Trombones.

Big band

Jazz It Up has a big band with arrangements which provides a huge classy sound to your event. Big Bands are often associated solely with Swing music however we are able to provide arrangements to other genres as well. The big band normally has a 12 piece horn section plus piano, drums bass and guitars therefore making this a 16 piece band. However we are able to minimize this in order to meet budget requirements of the clients.

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