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SMC Studios came into the wedding market a number of years back with a clear vision – to offer a range of products at a competitive price that very few companies would be prepared to come close to competing with! And by the number of happy couples we have every year, we think we are achieving this vision with flying colours!

We like to think we do things a little bit differently at SMC Studios. To begin with, you won’t have to contact us to find out ‘how much’. That is the questions we all want to know with any product or service we are buying. To us, it doesn’t make sense to hide it. Our couples give us feedback all the time about how good it is to deal with a company that is not keeping secrets. If you have done any sort of research – so many in this industry are. And the secret often starts with where it hurts most – the price. Not just before the wedding – but after it too. You should rest-assured that when the day is over, you will not be hit with all the 'hidden surprises' that end up costing you thousands more than what you expected, because it happens all the time and is NO FUN for you.

Our team of professionals brings a certain energy, creativity & flair that can be hard to find in this industry. We are real, everyday creatives! Making stories come to life is our craft. We love what we do – that is why we do it!.

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