Can I use the website search functions and tools without registering as a user.


You can use the venue or supplier search together with the Community Room (Blogs etc.,) without registering as a user.

You need to register (Registration is FREE) in order to use the Tools on the site-
The To Do List, Budget Calculater, My Supplier, Guest List and Seating Planner.

By registering you are also able to create your own 'Wedding Website'.

Some other benefits of registering include -

1) Email enquiries to suppliers are pre-filled with your information

2) You are able to save preferred suppliers to your 'My Supplier' section on your Dashboard


Can I send electronic invitations to guests?


Yes- you can issue electronic invitations to guests at any or all of your wedding events. If you issue electronic invitations your guests are also able to RSVP electronically.


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